Monday, November 16, 2009

Kentucky Derby Party!
Invitations for a party celebrating the 135th Annual Kentucky Derby! Each invitation featured unique hats and the famous mint julep.

Baby Shower Gift

A cute and different way of wrapping a baby shower gift! Diapers, an outfit, and a blanket all delivered by this hand made stork! The Mom to be declared it was the "winner for most creative gift presentation and would not be forgotten!"


Our nieces compete in Irish Step Dancing competitions around the country and to congratulate them on their recent wins I sent them individualized cards made in their likeness and schools dress.

Wedding Cake Topper and Gift Wrapping
For my dear friend Jamie's wedding this past summer I wrapped her gifts to resemble a wedding cake. The cake topper was created to look like the Bride and Groom and enclosed a gift card. The manager of the reception site came over to me and exclaimed "I always put my gift up front to show off my wrapping but clearly you have me beat!"