Thursday, September 10, 2009

"From far away a friendly light"

I purchased this stamp years ago and used it ONCE. I love it but it has been tucked away since college when I used it for my Big Sisters Paddle. I felt it was the perfect image to make a card for my sisters of Phi Sigma Sigma to wish them well as they start a new year.

Back To School Season

WELCOME Miss Myers 1st Graders!

One of my dear friends since kindergarten has become a teacher herself! As a surprise congratulatory gift on starting her first year as "Miss Myers" I sent her this 2 liter gift. The chalk board themed bottle was stuffed with candy, stickers, student coupons, mini embossers, mini erasers, and desk tape. A small book bag with her initials T.M. made the perfect gift tag.
She emailed to say THANK YOU! and I asked her if she figured out how to open it. Her reply? "Not yet, it's too pretty to open!" =)
So to all the teachers out there... Slainte! This toast is to YOU!