Friday, August 28, 2009

Party like a ROCK STAR!

ROCKBAND themed engagement party!
Ian and I threw a surprise ROCKBAND themed engagement party for Melissa~Jean and Greg in January. The theme came to fruition by the "lie" we had to tell to get them to the "concert hall". They thought they were just coming to play Rockband with us, unaware that the whole gang would be there!
The invites were plastered with Rock and Roll images, the party information was on a TICKET, and two tickets inside were stamped to say FREE DRINK. Favors were made up of clear Chinese take out style boxes filled with PopRocks, M&M's, packs of gum, mini chocolates, temporary tattoos, multi~colored hair extensions for the ladies, rock and roll rubber duckies, and rock and roll bracelets. Guests also each received 'ALL ACCESS PASSES' decorated like the invites (cassette label says "Engagement Tour, Buffalo 2009) with a matching lanyard and mini sharpies for 'autographs'! Signs on our door said "stage door; all access pass required beyond this point".
Guests had a blast as we partied like ROCKSTARS! Even my niece, the only 'under~ager' wanted in on the fun so she had some ginger ale in the shot tubes... SLAINTE! Imagine how much fun this theme could be for tween~teen birthday parties! The party planner in me had several more ideas but we had to draw the line somewhere ;)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tea Party!

Wow! It has officially been one year since my Bridal Shower TEA PARTY!!! Time surely does fly! In honor of the one year anniversary of that hot and humid day in the Watson~Curtze Mansion and all of its non-air conditioned turn of the century beauty, I am posting my first and favorite invitation to date. =)

The original was created by enlarging the image of a tea cup and saucer stamp and hand cutting the image and then just the tea cup to create a pocket. A "tea bag" was created from vellum and stamped with the invitation details. Praise to Melissa~Jean for doing them all by hand!
Pictures of the new version are seen here. These invites are perfect for any TEA PARTY! Whether you are looking for a formal event, informal gathering with your girls, or a young girls birthday party these invites can be color and print customized for any theme.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Lets get this party started!

Well after much thought, consideration, and encouragement (well perhaps flat out pushing) by family and friends Slainte2you! is officially born! It is my dream to create personalized handmade gifts, cards, apparel, & crafts, as well as event planning for all those special occasions worth toasting!
A famous event planner once said that the invitation is the most important component of a party. I believe an invite should leave the guest wanting to know more and most importantly it should get the date penned on the Calendar, not just penciled in! Our handcrafted cards will become cherished memories proudly displayed in scrapbooks or in frames for years to come.
With unique parties, events, and weddings nothing should be "cookie cutter" as that has been seen and done before. Slainte2you! is here to make you stand out from the "bakers dozen" by expressing YOU! Who said wedding gowns have to be all white? White gowns weren't in fashion until the 1700's, before that Blue was the bridal color of choice as it represented the Virgin Mary and stands for purity. Red and Black were the norm in various cultures throughout the world.
Are your creative juices flowing yet? If not, contact us and we will be sure that the goblets are filled for those moments worth toasting!